Plant Oil Benefits

Plant Oils

We have all been told at some point in time that fat or oils are harmful in our diet and clogging for our skin. Well, depending on the fat or oil, this can be correct.

Many mass produced skin care products contain mineral oil, which is derived from petroleum. Mineral oil clogs pores, traps dirt and accelerates the aging of skin, thus giving all oils a bad rap.

However, just like we know now that good fats (avocados, nuts, olives) are part of a healthy diet and necessary for brain function, organic plant oils are essential to healthy skin.

Originating from seeds, leaves, vegetable and flowers, plant oils are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These nutrient rich oils may just be beauty’s best kept secret.

Plant oil’s role in skin care:

1. Nourish and strengthen your skins own protective barrier. A healthy layer of sebum on your skin gives your skin a fighting chance against harmful free radicals. At the same time, allowing the skin to breathe.

2. Keep skin hydrated with minerals and fatty acids while supporting the production of collagen.

3. Keep oily skin from producing too much sebum. Harsh, drying cleansers cause your skin to overproduce oils . Gently cleansing with plant oils keeps skin in balance.

4. Many plant based oils contain anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin and protect from sun and wind.