What We Believe

We choose raw, unrefined plant oils to care for your skin. 

Farm to Skin is family owned and operated and was inspired by the beautiful landscape and simplicity of farm life in Lake County, Florida. Our farmstead is located on over 600 acres, including a 40-acre tree farm, 20 acres of citrus, a greenhouse, and 200+ acres of pine forest and hidden trails. The foundation of ingredients comes from a countryside of orange groves, green pastures, and cypress-lined clean lakes. The farm fresh products we create are a natural out-cropping of this serene setting.

The benefits of using our products are twofold; by using the purest ingredients found in Farm to Skin products, you will help decrease the impact these chemicals have on our environment, and you will save your skin from harmful, unnecessary chemicals.

The US allows thousands of harmful chemicals in skincare products that have negative consequences on the environment and on your skin. For example, chemical ingredients like BHT, sodium laureth sulfate, and BHA have been found to cause changes to the biochemistry of aquatic life. (Check out this article to learn more about the US’s lack of regulation around chemical ingredients.)

Farm to Skin has a higher standard. Our ingredients come from nature, and we would never want to create a product that harms the source of its ingredients. Our products return to nature with zero negative environmental impact. 

Our products are also safe for your skin. Each product is formulated with specifically chosen botanicals to capture the active, skin-nourishing properties of plants. Our therapeutic essential oils and plant essences, display nature’s subtle variations in color and scent. These whole-food nutrients are blended with advanced formulation in their complex yet balanced form to work together and restore healthy skin. To simply blend isolated man-made components yields little comparison to the complete science of nature.

Lab grown synthetics only mimic what plants do naturally. We want to give you the real thing. We believe synthetic ingredients are not a solution for healthy skin. A synthetic ingredient—or an isolate ingredient—is, as the name might suggest, an ingredient that is grown in a lab. This isolate ingredient—for instance, synthetic vitamin C—is then added to skincare products instead of the molecularly complex vitamin C that comes from plant based ingredients. It is a cheaper and faster option for companies seeking mass production. The downside is that they contain a minimal dosage of the active ingredients beneficial for the skin. They usually contain petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, PEG, harsh sulfates, and synthetic preservatives as a result of the synthetic growth process. 

Plant materials are naturally rich in these active ingredients, and the ingredients are presented to your skin in a form that is more easily absorbed. Your body reaps the benefits of all natural ingredients in a much more potent way than it does with synthetic ingredients. Isolates will not lead to long-lasting skin health and can cause unforeseen side effects. And yet, isolate ingredients are highly popular in skin care products. We at Farm to Skin say no to isolates. Your body operates as an infinitely complex system, and isolated nutrients added to a skincare product can never substitute for whole plant ingredients.

We also believe that our ingredients are superior to other oil-based skincare products. Oils are often refined to increase the shelf life needed for mass production. Many of the antioxidants and benefits these oils provide are lost in the process. This isn’t much better than lab grown synthetics! The whole plant ingredients are still lost. The products in this package will provide all the vital plant compounds needed to protect the health of your skin. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the fresh color and scent of these oils.

We hope you enjoy our farm to skin products as much as we enjoy making them for you!

Have a question? Reach out to our support team at support@farmtoskin.com