About Us

Farm to Skin was inspired by the beautiful landscape and simplicity of farm life in Lake County, Florida. Our farmstead is located on over 600 acres, including a 40-acre tree farm, 20 acres of citrus, a greenhouse, and 200+ acres of pine forest and hidden trails. The foundation of ingredients comes from a countryside of orange groves, green pastures, and cypress-lined clean lakes. The farm fresh products we create are a natural out-cropping of this serene setting.
Each product is hand poured at our farm using specifically chosen botanicals to capture the active, skin nourishing properties of plants. Our therapeutic essential oils and plant essences, display nature’s subtle variations in color and scent. These whole-food nutrients are blended with advanced formulation in their complex yet balanced form to work together and restore healthy skin. To simply blend isolated man-made components yields little comparison to the complete science of nature.

The benefits of using our products are twofold; by using the purest ingredients found in Farm to Skin products, you will save your skin from harmful, unnecessary chemicals and you will help decrease the impact these chemicals have on our environment.

We hope you enjoy our farm to skin products as much as we enjoy making them for you!

Farm to Skin

What makes us different?

We are committed to provide the most beautiful, thoughtfully curated products using nature's purest ingredients to balance, treat, and restore your skin.  Our farm gives us the unique opportunity to curate at every stage of creation. From propagation to distillation, we see first-hand nature's beautiful simplicity and complex variations.  Our blends are precisely formulated and advanced without cutting any corners. To maximize effectiveness, we choose organic unrefined oils and bioactive hydrosols, never water, aloe or fillers. We keep our precious blends protected in black glass and package with minimal amounts of plastic.  To keep our prices low and provide personal service, we sell directly to you.  And never, ever, ever will you find parabens, synthetic fragrance, petroleum, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals.  We love our surroundings too much to curate anything less.