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Farm to Skin

Sample Discovery Set

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Sample Discovery Set

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The Perfect Sample Kit of Our Best Products

Make the switch to all natural skincare with the Farm to Skin Discovery Set. The Discovery Set is a trial kit of our 8 best-selling products, so you can see the Farm To Skin difference before committing to a full-size product.

This set includes everything you need for a complete daily regimen (including a helpful guide to show you how to use each product and sample routines):

The Sample discovery set includes these 5-star customer-rated products:

  • Organic Retinoic Cleanser 
  • Get Fresh Cleanser
  • Calming Essence
  • Renewing Essence 
  • Seeds of Today Serum
  • Evening Enrichment Moisturizer 
  • Minimalist Balm 
  • Organic Facial Shammy 



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  • Plant Performers

    Rosehip - rich supply of essential fatty acids and beta carotene (vitamin A) to increase cell turnover and regeneration.

    Rose Geranium Hydrosol - Supports skin barrier function by balancing pH; calms inflammation and boosts hydration.

    Geranium - helps to strengthen and repair broken capillaries while balancing oil production and pH.

    Holy Basil (Tulsi) – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing; helps to shrink pore size as well; strengthens body’s ability to resist stress.

    Grapeseed oil – potent dark green oil with the sweet scent of grapes; tremendous amount of vitamin E and linoleic acid to nourish skin and balance oil production.

    Jojoba Oil - calms inflammation, regulates skin's natural oil production, and accelerates healing; naturally occurring iodine helps to prevent acne.

    Coconut Oil - provides rich moisture while protecting skin from environmental stressors; naturally occurring lauric acid prevents acne and encourages healthy cell turnover.

    These are only some of the plant performers contained in these products. Check out each product's page to get a full list of plant performers!

  • How To Use

    Mix and Match and find your new routine! This set includes a guide to show you how to use each product as well as sample routines. And check out our video on how to use this set!

  • Ingredients

    Check out each product's page to get a full list of ingredients!

Healthy Skin Shouldn't Be Complicated

  • Hand Harvesteted Ingredients

    We partner with farmers who only use fresh plant material, providing the most potent ingredients available.

  • Soulful Skincare

    We select ingredients with intention. Every ingredient is free of toxins and parabens. Ditch the synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good!

  • Made in the USA

    We formulate and bottle our products in the USA using the highest quality ingredients.