About Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are the best in the skincare industry. We partner with small farmers in the USA to get the best plant material available. Lab grown synthetics only mimic what plants do naturally. We make the real thing.

Your skin wants to be healthy! Our skincare system holistically addresses imbalances to reconnect you to the healthy skin you were made to have. We use fresh (never dried), whole (not just the petals or leaves) plant material to make our hydrosols and oils. This captures whole food benefits for your skin. This results in products that are anti-inflammatory and vitamin and nutrient dense. Our products are in nature’s purest form, so your skin can easily absorb all the benefits. We never include fillers like water and aloe, which means our bottles are packed with potent ingredients and a little bit goes a long way. We don’t take shortcuts. We do things the way nature intended. We are crafted by hand for a difference you can feel. We address health holistically. 

Hand selected ingredients we love:

Bamboo Charcoal: Its unique structure can draw out impurities and detoxify skin. Found in: Bamboo Soap, Skin Tonic and Dry Dog Shampoo.

Carrot Oil (extra virgin unrefined): Natural source of essential fatty acids and beta carotene (precursor to Vitamin A). Well known for its ability to rejuvenate skin and lips. 

Chia Seed Extract: Contains the highest vegetarian source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Promotes skin elasticity and boosts defense system. 

Coco-Glucose: Very mild surfactant derived from coconut oil and sugar.

Decyl glucoside and Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate: Extremely mild surfactant blend derived from coconut oil, sugar, and plant oils.

Honey: Keeps skin elastic and hydrated by retaining moisture. Naturally contains vitamins B and C as well s as antioxidants. 

Hyaluronic Acid: The most effective natural moisturizer / humectant you can use on your skin. It holds 500 times its own weight in water and promotes cell re-growth.

Lavender Essential Oil: Topically it reduces inflammation, helps acne, and soothes dry skin. Aromatic uses include insomnia, and boost stamina.

Litsea  Essential Oil: Aromatic essential oil used to treat high blood pressure and depression.

Orange Peel Wax: obtained from the rind of oranges: It protects the fruit from the environment at the same time letting it breath and maintain water balance. It provides similar protection for our skin. 

Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil: The most therapeutic grade of coconut oil that still contains all the nutrients your skin needs. Easily penetrates skin and hair to boost your natural protective barrier. Fights acne with it’s high level of lauric acid. 

Witch Hazel (alcohol free): Reduces inflammation, fights acne, tightens pores, maintains skins ph balance, and improves hydration by locking in moisture.

D'Orientine S: This patented active ingredient comes from the date palm kernel.  this unique compound has been clinically proven to delay the visible signs of aging. 

Pomegranate Sterols: Natural, vegan replacement for petrolatum or lanolin, holds twice its weight in water for powerful hydration. 

Raw Shea Butter: One of the best butters for skin care high in Vitamin A, E and F.  Used for aged, cracked, and damaged skin, stretch marks, sunburn, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, circulation, prevention of aging-reduces inflammation and wrinkles. Natural SPF 6.

Rose Hip Seed Oil: anti-oxidant, regenerating, high in Vitamin C and E and fatty acids, softens and tones skin, promotes a smooth skin texture and reduction of wrinkles.

Sunflower Oil: An oil wealthy in Oleic acids with high amounts of Vitamins A, D and E. Deeply nourishing, conditioning and is easily absorbed by the skin. 


Synthetic, or GMO Vitamin E

Synthetic fragrance



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