Ingredients to Avoid


Aluminum: Used in antiperspirant to control sweat. skin irritant, strong evidence of neurotoxin as well as linked Alzheimer's.

Benzyl Acetate: used as solvent with fragrances. linked to pancreatic cancer, possible neurotoxin.

Fragrance: Perfume. Immune system and respiratory system toxicant. associated with allergies.

Hydroquinone: used as skin lightener. immune system toxicant.

Parabens: Used as preservative, anti-bacterial agent. disrupts hormone levels which can lead to certain types of cancer, and infertility.

Phthalates: used as solvent with fragrances. hormone disruptor which could result in Autism, certain types of cancer, and low sperm count.

Sodium Laurel/ Laureth Sulfate: Commonly used as surfactant. Easily absorbed into skin which can have long term effects. Skin and eye irritant, organ toxicity, hormone disruption, possible link to cancer.