Which is Better? Wipes or Oil Cleansers

Which is Better? Wipes or Oil Cleansers


Removing makeup and dirt before we go to bed is the most important step we take to keeping skin healthy and glowing.  And for a lot of people, using a makeup removing wipe seems like the easiest solution. Unfortunately, these handy little wipes may be doing more harm than good.


Makeup remover wipes leave residue behind.

Without the inherent step of rinsing with water, makeup wipes remove some of your makeup but do not come close to removing it all.  They sort of smear the residual grime to clog pores, cause sebum to build up, and lead to acne. Yuck!

Harsh Chemicals

Most all makeup removers contain surfactants (to dissolve makeup), solublizers, emulsifiers, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and high amounts of preservative. Yep!  All that in just one little wipe!  This chemical cocktail strips and dries out skin and can lead to premature aging. Further, since it is not being rinsed with water, these chemicals are left on your skin while you sleep.


Wasteful and expensive

Besides containing harmful chemicals, using wipes 7 days a week can quickly  add up in cost and waste.


The oil cleanser difference

Oil-based cleansers dissolve excess sebum, waterproof make-up, sunscreen and environmental pollutants. Using either our Minimalist Balm or Retinoic cleanser with our reusable Shammy not only completely removes makeup, you will be nourishing your skin at the same time.  And since a little goes a long way…you will save a little money too!


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