Stinging Nettle: How this annoying plant has become a rising superstar!

Stinging Nettle: How this annoying plant has become a rising superstar!


Nettle is one of the most common weeds we see around our orange groves. After one encounter, you quickly learn to recognize and keep away from this prickly plant.  It’s stinging hairs act like needles, injecting histamine when touched and causing stinging sensation that can last throughout the day.  So why would I claim this plant to be a superstar?  Simply because nettle is one of the most unique and nutrient dense plants on earth!

 What makes nettle so unique?

Most importantly, nettle contains extremely high levels of chlorophyll which aides in delivering oxygen to your tissues and cells.  It is also rich in vitamins A, C, D, and K and contains iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, and copper. Best of all, you are getting these mighty nutrients in their whole plant form! Below are some of ways you can benefit from stinging nettle.

Nettle for joint pain

I was first introduced to nettle for joint pain.  As a runner, I am always on the search for ways to naturally relieve joint pain. I discovered that nettle contains active compounds that reduce inflammatory responses. In particular, it’s compounds inhibit the protein that activates cytokines (messengers that instigate inflammation) in the joint lining.  Drinking nettle tea is an easy, risk free way to alleviate post run knee or hip pain. Pick up your organic Nettle tea here.

Nettle for skin

With its high amounts of chlorophyll, nettle helps prevent oxidative stress and stops free radicals in their tracks.  It acts as a natural astringent to balance sebum and prevent acne. With its anti-inflammatory properties, nettle accelerates healing and is an excellent choice for skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, or wounds. Find it in our bestselling Minimalist Balm. 

Nettle for health

Beyond joint pain and skin care, nettle is an effective treatment for many other health conditions. Nettle taken internally is used to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It helps to heal stomach ulcers and is even used in the treatment of cancer.

Who would have guesses that the plant that is most annoying and most likely to be removed from our garden is exactly what we are looking for?  So,hand me my gloves, I am definitely reaching for more Stinging Nettle!


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