Managing the Environment Your Skin Lives In

Managing the Environment Your Skin Lives In

Managing lifestyle, diet, and stress are all important parts of having healthy, glowing skin.  But what about the environment your skin lives in?  Think about it. Especially during this winter holiday season we subject our skin to dry, cold air, busy shopping malls, and perhaps recirculated airplane air. Here are a few ways to create a skin loving environment at home.

1.   Humidifier – Using a humidifier not only helps to keep skin moisturized, but it can also help improve sleep.  Since bacteria cannot travel as well in humid air, using a humidifier may just keep you safe this flu season. 

2.   Be pillow smart - Pillows can act as a sponge and even though it may look clean, it just might not be. Make sure your pillow is washed regularly and replaced every 6 months.

3.   Plant therapy – Adding one or two house plants, along with the care that goes with it, can promote calmness and reduce stress.  They also help with pulling toxins out of the air to give you clean air to come home to. 

4.   Dim the lights – A couple hours before bedtime, dim your home lights, and avoid sitting too close to your TV.  This allows your body to fall asleep more quickly.


So enjoy your holiday season lovelies! And, when you can, take control of the environment you live in! 

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