Keeping Our Natural Balance

Keeping Our Natural Balance


Does any of this sound familiar?

 “My skin feels dry and flaky.”

“My skin is super sensitive and often red.”

“Sunscreens never used to bother me, but now it stings when I put them on.”

“Breakouts have become my new unwanted friend’”

 If so, it could be an out of balance acid mantle may be to blame. 

 What is your acid mantle? 

 This is your skin protective layer of amino acids, lactic acids, fatty acids, water, as well as naturally secreted oils.  It provides protection from elements such as wind and pollution while discouraging growth of bacteria and fungi.  Moisture and hydration levels are also controlled by your acid mantle. When we have a strong acid mantle, it will hold in hydration, but if impaired, moisture evaporates which leads to dehydration, acne, and premature aging. Operating at the ideal pH range of 4.5 to 6 (slightly acidic), your acid mantle keeps skin soft and supple.

 What causes the unbalanced?

 Well, several things:

Environmental factors such as pollution, sun, central heating/air, and travel all can disturb your natural balance.  Other factors such as diet, hormones, stress, and of course, skin care products can either help or harm your skin’s protective layer. Skin can be stripped of its acid mantle by harsh cleaners, toners, or even moisturizers with an alkaline (high) pH.  Once disrupted, your skin may need, depending on severity, several hours to several months to retain a healthy balance.  Using a harsh cleanser twice a day can leave skin continuously unprotected.

 How we restore back to balance:

  1. A diet rich in dark leafy greens, proper stress management, and regular exercise is always the best start. High cortisol levels can wreak havoc to your skin.
  2. Switch out your harsh cleanser for an oil cleanser, like our Minimalist Balm or Retinoic Cleanser. If you still want a foaming cleanse try our plant based light foaming Get Fresh Cleanser. All three will break down unwanted oils while leaving your protective barrier intact.
  3. Use a naturally acidic toner. Toners are an essential step for several reasons. Applying a gentle toner delivers a double cleanse, nourishing hydration and can quickly restore pH balance.  Our Essence toners are pH balanced to match your skin and contain bioactive hydrosols that provide a wealth of antioxidants to deeply soothe and nourish skin. We recommend using after cleansing as well as throughout the day.
  4. Use plant oils to restore moisture. Most all plant oils are acidic to match your skin.  We choose oils that also contain high amounts of linoleic acid, fatty acids, and antioxidants.  Our facial oils and balms are the easiest way to replenish skin so that is can function properly and fight daily environmental stressors!

Make the switch and find yourself saying things like this:

"My skin feels so soft!"

"I no longer need foundation."

"I love my skin again!"

I am walking the tightrope with you my friends, and enjoying the journey.  Please reach out with any questions, love to hear from you. 

With Love,




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