Is my skin “purging” or reacting?

Is my skin “purging” or reacting?

First, what exactly is purging?

A skin purge is when exposure to a new product or ingredient leads to pimples to form rather quickly. Which believe it or not, it is actually a good thing. It means that the clogged pore beneath the surface is benefiting from increased cellular turnover (which we all want). It could also be a sign that your skin is re-balancing it’s pH level.

Is it a purge or just another breakout?

Purge breakouts tend to have a must shorter lifespan compared to a “typical” breakout. Acne that seems to form and heal faster than usual could indicate that your skin is detoxing. Additionally, purging typically occurs in the areas you normally experience blemishes. The bigger the change from your previous product line, the more likely you may experience some sort of temporary purge. However, you may also notice that on other areas of your skin there is improved texture along with a healthy glow.


Does redness or stinging indicate a reaction?

Not always. Experiencing redness, stinging, or tightness could indicate your skin is very dry. Especially if you are new to oil cleansing or oil-based products. In that case, I recommend diluting our oils with an Essence. This will help increase absorbency while at the same time maintain an ideal pH. You may also consider allowing your skin to transition by rotating your new regime in every other day until your skin adjusts.

Tell-tell signs of a reaction to a product or ingredient

If you experience redness or breakouts in a new area where you don’t normally breakout, your skin may be reacting. Similarly, if you feel like your skin is well-moisturized and balanced, and you are experiencing redness or acne, this could mean you’re having a negative response. In these cases, it is best to discontinue.

Switching to an organic, preservative-free products is always a smart choice for your skin and health but can occasionally present an adjustment period. However, once skin has cleared up, it will look healthier than ever!

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