Dark Leafy Greens? I will take 2 cups please!

Dark Leafy Greens? I will take 2 cups please!


Healthy skin starts with a healthy diet and look no further than the most nutrient dense foods - spinach, kale, arugula, swiss chard. Dark leafy greens are packed with more nutrition per calorie than ANY food out there. So, in a country where we are all wanting the most bang for our buck…this is something to get excited about!

Take a look at why this gorgeous green is the number one food to improve overall health:

  • Because of their high content of antioxidants, green leafy vegetables may lower risk of certain types of cancer as well as heart disease
  • High amounts of vitamin K and calcium protects bones from osteoporosis and reduce inflammation.
  • High amounts of Vitamins A and E helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing
  • Loaded with fiber, leafy greens help lower cholesterol and promote weight loss
  • Recent studies have shown that daily intake may foster healthy brain function and memory


You would think, given all this that we would all be eating salads for every meal. Truth is, most of us are not getting the recommended 2 cups per day. And, although that may sound like a tall order, I am here to tell you that getting your greens in does not mean you have to live like a rabbit.  Here a few of my easy, favorite ways to enjoy gorgeous greens with every meal, even breakfast.

1.Whatever soup or stew you are making (or ordering) add a handful of greens and stir in. I promise, other than the beautiful color, you will not even notice the change.

2.When making (or ordering) pasta, simply add greens right before al dente. This is my personal favorite, restaurants are always willing to add greens to pasta!

3.Add arugula or spinach to your pizza

4.Replace (or add) kale leaves for bread or tortillas

5.For breakfast, add greens to grits, avocado toast, or hash browns.


Notice I did not mention smoothies or supplements.  Convenience is nice but many studies have shown, drinking pulverized foods does not replace chewing.  If you want to benefit from all your food has to offer, sit down and enjoy!

So, I hope this inspires you to grab a handful of greens an add it to whatever you are cooking or ordering! Your skin, heart, bones, and brain will thank you for it!



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