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Limited Edition Mother's Day Set

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Limited Edition Mother's Day Set

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A Moment for Yourself

“Children, set the table. Your mother needs a moment to herself." This was Elizabeth Zott's signature line in the book I just read #LessonsinChemistry. 

Set in the 1960s, it made me think about the incredible demands that my own Mom had and the little time she had to herself.  It brought back memories of my crazy busy life when my children were still living at home. (A time I would relive in a heartbeat!) I curated this Mother’s Day set for just that. It's a special selection of products designed to help you reconnect, recharge, and find your true direction. 

Whether you're buying it as a gift for someone else or you're gifting yourself, take a few moments to slow down and enjoy the botanical scents of these products. Let this set be a reminder that you deserve a moment to yourself.

Set Includes: Balm of Gilead Whole Body Oil, Renewing Essence, and our Vegan Body Dry Brush

This is a $134 value!

How to Use:

This routine is best paired with your usual shower routine, morning or night. Start by using the Dry Body Brush on dry skin followed by a shower. Once dry, spray your body with the Essence and apply a few drops of the Balm of Gilead Whole Body Oil. You can use this over areas that need deep hydration or over your entire body. 

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Healthy Skin Shouldn't Be Complicated

  • Hand Harvesteted Ingredients

    We partner with farmers who only use fresh plant material, providing the most potent ingredients available.

  • Natural Skincare

    We select ingredients with intention. Every ingredient is free of toxins and parabens. Ditch the synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good!

  • Made in the USA

    We formulate and bottle our products in the USA using the highest quality ingredients.