Video Testimonial Uploader

Upload your video testimonial for a $50 coupon for your next order!

We get truly excited when people are just as passionate about natural skincare as us, and we want to reward you! Record a video testimonial explaining why you love your favorite FTS products and send it to us. We'll feature your testimonial on our website and social media channels.

Pro Tips:

  • Have plenty of natural light: be outside or near a large window so that it's bright and clear
  • Just use your phone: iPhone level quality is great, just use that
  • Keep it casual: selfie mode is great, landscape mode (sideways) is preferred but portrait is good too
  • Be natural! Pretend like you're telling your best friend about Farm To Skin and why they'll love us too

Video must meet the below requirements to be eligible for coupon: 

  1. Must be at least 30 seconds long
  2. Must be good audio/visual quality (iPhone level with good natural lighting)
  3. Must name your favorite FTS product by name
  4. Bonus: Show your favorite FTS product in the video (as a prop in your hand, etc)

Record your video and upload below: