Home Spa Set

Everything your need for your daily and nightly rituals

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Our Home Spa Set includes everything your need for your daily and nightly rituals as well as when you are wanting an exfoliating cleanse or nourishing masque!

Set Includes: Retinoic Cleanser, Renewing Essence, Seeds of Today facial oil, Evening Enrichment, Eye Revive, Begin Again Brightening Buff and Masque, spoon, and 3 Organic Shammys! 

Daily Use:

EVENING: Apply Retinoic Cleanser to damp or dry skin, use damp Facial Shammy to wipe away makeup, dirt, and unwanted oils.  Mist skin with Renewing Essence then apply Evening Enrichment and Eye Revive to damp skin.

MORNING: Clean skin with splash of cool water. Mist skin with Renewing Essence, then apply Seeds of Today to damp skin. OR using palm of hand, mix Essence with facial oil, then apply both to skin. 

For exfoliating wash 

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Begin Again with warm water to form a creamy paste. Massage onto damp face and neck using gentle, upward motions. Remove with warm water.

For nourishing masque

Mix 1 teaspoon of Begin Again in ceramic bowl.  Apply to skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water.

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