Alcohol?  Making the Best Choice for Your Skin

Alcohol? Making the Best Choice for Your Skin

Alcohol, we all know it is not the best for our skin. However, it is also one of life’s greatest celebratory pleasures, especially this time of year. Other than exercising moderation, choice of drink can also limit harmful effects. Below are how alcohol drinks rank from least harmful to most harmful.

Liquors- In general, the clearer the better. So, clear spirits such as gin, vodka, and tequila contain few additives and therefore less inflammatory.  It is the least likely beverage to cause bloating, swelling, or rosacea flare-ups. With liquors, it is really what you mix with it that can be harmful – sugary soft drinks and mixers. Try mixing your liquor of choice with water, lime, or natural fruit juice.

Beer – There are two good things about beer. First, it contains less alcohol, therefore less dehydration.  Secondly, beer can be filling and therefore you are probably less likely to drink as much.

White wine – High in sugar and salt, white wine can lead to swollen skin.  The high sugar content can also spike insulin levels that can lead to acne breakouts. Overall, white wine contains zero health benefits.

Red wine – Yes, it does contain the antioxidants that can provide some health benefits. But when it comes to your skin, red wine ranks as one of the worst.  Alcohol alone can promote the opening of blood vessels in the skin, but red wine also contains a histamine releaser that can further promote redness.  If you are prone to redness or rosacea, it is best to limit your red wine intake.

Cocktails – Most cocktails contain high amounts of sugar, salt (think margarita), and high glycemic carbs.  This combined with alcohol can increase inflammation, spike insulin levels, and create breakouts.

Hope this quick ranking helps as a guide to your beverage choices! 

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