Facial Dry Brush

Facial brushing helps to activate your lymphatic system and increase blood flow to the skin. Benefits of dry brushing include:

  • Brighten complexion to bring immediate glow
  • Reduce puffiness and dark circles
  • Detoxify to help clear congestion
  • Promote firm skin 
  • Gently exfoliate and stimulate cellular turnover 


How to use: For best results, use on dry skin every morning. Use gentle upward motions, away from your heart to encourage circulation. Brush from your chin to your hairline on one side of the face, then move to the other side. Use only light, gentle strokes.

To clean brush and remove dirt and oil, sprinkle bristles with cornstarch, massage into bristles then shake out powder.  Repeat weekly


Brush is made with vegan, cruelty free bristles and sustainably sourced bamboo



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