Essential Oil Roller Calming Blend

Fears, impatience, nervousness, and worries can effect your inner peace.  Our calming blend eases fears and calms the mind so you can fully enjoy daily moments.

Plant Performers:

  • Bergamot - natural anti-depressant
  • Jasmine - instills confidence
  • Lavender - relaxing; reduces stress
  • Helichrysum - soothes and calm nerves

5ml bottle

How To Use

Apply oil to your wrists, temples, and back of neck  and let the essential oils absorb into the skin. Use throughout the day.

Plant sourced performers

  • Bergamot - natural anti-depressant
  • Jasmine - instills confidence
  • Lavender - relaxing; reduces stress
  • Helichrysum - soothes and calm nerves

All Ingredients

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil*, proprietary blend of essential oils

*indicates organic

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